Skyline was a mural project created for Procad Consultants, a leading design software consulting firm catering to architects, designers, engineers and construction professionals in Montreal, Canada. The intent was to create a graffiti to showcase the endless opportunities that clients have with the cutting edge software and services the firm provides to its client.

The image of the Montreal skyline is to represent a canvas of creation for these professionals who will shape and design the future of the city.


The message "Tranchez dans votre ville" - literally translated means "slice thru your city". The graffiti was designed and created in layers. The skyline was a outlined using 3 projectors to achieve a perspective shot of the bridge and some of the landmark buildings. The city intentionally perceived as static or "as is". The cranes and sketchy ground in the foreground were means as pillars of change- both for the future construction created by clients and the new way of designing that Procad is pioneering called Building Information Modelling (BIM). The french word trencher was an intentional play of words associated with a building section (or coupe).



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